From my list of favorite links: the Daimler Global Media Site

This website can be used as a terminology resource for automotive translations from German into English and English into German. My guess is that the materials are initially written into German and then translated into English.

Although I think the reliability degree of this website as a terminology resource is high, as with any resource, the translations found should be taken with a grain of salt.

Here is what you need to do for finding German translations for English terms:

  • search for your term on the website by using their search tool
  • select one or more articles in which the term you are looking for appears
  • locate the term in the article(s) found (you could use the search function in your browser)
  • and then change the website to the German version (click on “zur deutschen Version)
  • now it is easy to find the translation in the equivalent article in the German language

The sequence above can be followed to find translations into English for German terms as well. Or for finding term translations on any bilingual / multilingual websites for that matter.