SC Linguistic Guide SRL values privacy.

Scope and contents of our privacy policy

This document explains what happens with the information you submit when visiting / using our internet page,, or when you contact us in any other way. The document also shows how we handle the personal information we receive in our translation projects.
Personal information received via our translation projects

We are a company that offers linguistic services and that is why we sometimes receive translation requests that include personal information.

SC Linguistic Guide SRL does not process or use this information, the information is merely rendered in the translation that will be send to the customer.

Once the order is finalized, SC Linguistic Guide SRL will store this information throughout the contractual period or until a request to delete this information will be received. In the latter case, no further claims with regard to the accuracy of the translations provided by SC Linguistic Guide SRL and our collaborators will be taken into account.

Our collaborators adhere to the same conditions with regard to valuing and maintaining privacy and processing of personal information as SC Linguistic Guide SRL. This practice is reflected in our collaboration contracts.

The data of our collaborators is used solely for carrying out our contractual relationships (providing and receiving linguistic services, invoicing these services etc.)

This information is adequate, relevant and limited to the aspects needed for the purpose of processing them.

All data is stored on password-protected devices. The information is not used for marketing purposes.

Information collected via our website or via other means of communication

This document also explains what happens with your data when using our internet page ( or when you get in touch with us via other means.

SC Linguistic Guide SRL does not send out unsolicited correspondence (e-mails, newsletters).
The contact details you provide via our internet page are processed solely for the goal they were provided for (requests for quotations). Once the request for quotation has ben answered to, SC Linguistic Guide will not preserve these data.

Even if our internet page may include links to other internet pages, we take no responsibility with regard to the content of these pages. Our privacy policy also applies exclusively to our company and to our website.

Cookie use policy
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Your access to your personal information and the right to correction and removal

Any collaborator or customer of SC Linguistic Guide SRL has the right to ask for a copy of the information the company possesses about them. If requested, we will modify or delete this information unless we are required to preserve such data by law (for accounting purposes, for example).

Feel free to send any questions regarding our privacy policy to contact at linguisticguide dot com and an administrator of SC Linguistic Guide SRL will gladly be at your service for more information.

This document is subject to updates, as it may be required by law.